Hele mooie woorden van waardering van Frédéric Brenner voor het hele team dat aan zijn Zerheilt tentoonstellingen heeft gewerkt. Hij vertelt niet alleen over het resultaat, maar ook over de reis die we samen gemaakt hebben en wat het hem gebracht heeft.

“When we first met and I tried to explain what Zerheilt was about, I could have never imagined / fathom what you would come up with. Zerheilt and what you made of it, became an experience, not just a photographic exhibition. The architectural design concept you came up with became the most extraordinary velvet jewelry box / “ECRIN“ in French, for my photographs, which became something else, or rather, through your concept, you made these photos shine of all their many layers.

Through your concept you revealed to me what I didn’t know about my own work and you got visitors to become story teller by holding in front of them a mirror – not photos.

You created this unforgettable and powerful maze so that visitor could get lost and eventually encounter himself / herself and above all experience the strange and the stranger and for some time NOT KNOW any longer.

Working with you, your “short associate”, Leon & Patricia was such pleasant Journey: So much professionalism, so much modesty, so much kindness: All these ingredients were necessary to create the magic you created.

Even though the exposition was prolonged, it was hard for me to let go of this unprecedented proposition that you created in Berlin and has not since stopped dazzling me. I was sure that the following exhibition you were asked to design at the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam, given the reduced space, size and number of photographs presented, would be a shadow of the magnificent one at the JMB. And here again you surprised me by taking full advantage of the constraints and creating a more intimate proposition of my work where you enabled the visitor to experience intimacy, the guiding principle of my Journey.

I have learned such a great deal during this Journey with you, about you, and not the least, your incredible humanity.”

Frédéric Brenner

Wij zijn here we are en wij ontwerpen niet ons verhaal, maar dat van jou. Voelbaar, ervaarbaar in gebouw en interieur.

Kunstenaar/fotograaf: Frédéric Brenner
Ruimtelijk Ontwerp: here we are
Grafisch Ontwerp: Bloemendaal & Dekkers
Lichtontwerp: 50LUX
Fotografie: here we are