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De Haar Castle, Utrecht

HWA designed a new museum shop for the De Haar Castle and supervised its execution from start to finish, resulting in a splendid new shop that offers a completely new experience to our visitors – exactly the kind of experience we had hoped for. From the moment we started considering all possible options and getting everything ready, to the shop fitter’s final punch list: the entire process went very smoothly.Thanks to their excellent work and great cooperation, unforeseen matters or minor setbacks were solved quickly while staying within the initial budget.


Anetta de Jong

De Haar Castle Foundation Director

Tommy Hilfiger underwear/swimwear concept store, Dortmund

“Underwear and swimwear has always been an integral part of the Tommy Hilfiger product range and we have now taken the opportunity to give this exiting product its own standalone platform to showcase this range in an optimal environment, tailored to the product. To create a strong branded environment that allows the Tommy Hilfiger product range to shine, here we are collaborated on developing a versatile store concept. We appreciate how this new design creates a powerful consumer experience, very much in line with the Tommy Hilfiger brand identity.”


Jannelien van Ingen

Director Global Concept Design and Development at Tommy Hilfiger

Boutique Hotel d’ Oude Morsch, Leiden

“Starting a hotel in this building was an exciting challenge for us. During the practical development of our plans, the here we are team proved to be invaluable. By quickly investigating how many rooms we could realize, the architects helped us complete our business case. During the construction process, they also supported us incredibly. They complemented each other’s professional qualities and kept both ourselves and the contractor focused on achieving our goal. Working with them was a very enjoyable experience and we are happy with the result. Their design highlights the character and history of the building in a meaningful and contemporary way. The visible connection to the building’s military history is well developed and is highly appreciated by our guests.”

Yorick en Reanne Bakker

Owners of Boutique Hotel d’ Oude Morsch

The PCI experience, Lijnden

“When we moved into our new headquarters, we truly moved from a demo room to a complete PCI experience. The architects took a fresh look at our products, our way of working and our organizational culture. This has given us a better idea of what our company really needs. The new cultural spaces are the result of their efforts. Here, people can directly experience what we do and what it is we stand for. These cultural spaces are able to inspire not only customers but also our colleagues. That’s why we are proud that the PCI experience has been given such a central place within the company, something that these architects at here we are achieved while staying within the budget and timeframe.”

Eric Anderson

Marketing & Strategy Director at PCI Netherlands

NIKE, World


“The people of here we are have been a real addition to our team for many years now. They assist our designers during the most challenging and diverse projects in Europe. Their understanding of our internal processes as well as development and realization processes enables them to successfully execute projects. It’s a close-knit team that always keeps a close eye on the quality level, the timeframe and budget.”

Claudia Abt

Retail Design Director Nike EMEA


See-Buy-FlySchiphol Airport

“For this project, the interior was already designed and equipped but failed to generate the intended effects. here we are helped us by letting us to return to the beginning. From there, a story could arise which we could visualize and realize. The products played the leading role in light of their shared background, starting with raw materials brought into the Netherlands hundreds of years ago via the Dutch merchant fleet. The architects used a modern multi-sensorial approach to convey this story. Visuals, sound, lighting, scents led visitors through the story, attracted them and kept their attention on these special products even longer. Thanks to the expertise of these architects, interactive techniques were implemented successfully and sales were boosted. We are happy with their professional and efficient approach.”

Raluca Constantinescu

Philips Retail Solutions

 B&B La Pinsonerie, Amsterdam


“Our project was to rebuild an old apartment and turn it into a B&B. Working with here we are was only positive for us. These architects paid a lot of attention to our input and knew how to combine our ideas with their own vision. No matter how crazy our ideas, they repeatedly provided creative solutions and complemented each other’s qualities. In addition, they were always easy to reach and they carried out the project quickly and thoroughly. Both our guests and we enjoy this uniquely designed B&B.”

Ben en Geraldine

Owners of La Pinsonerie, Amsterdam


Schönberg Exhibition at the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam

“Those who work with the architects of here we are, know they are getting the quality they require. These designers paid full attention to the task at hand and our expectations. They did not shy away from technical challenges: no obstacle was too high and they always came up with the most creative solutions. Moreover, they had no issue staying within our budget and their way of communicating with us, our suppliers and subcontractors was marked by clarity and transparency. From the initial conversation to completion of the project, we experienced a constructive and pleasantly refreshing collaborative process.”

Erward Voolen

Curator of the exhibition ‘Schoenberg & Kandinsky. Artistic Revolutionaries’ in the Jewish Historical Museum


Guesthouse, Zoeterwoude

“Dimitri and Arjan have helped us with the realization of the guesthouse next to our renovated farmhouse. Working with them was a pleasant experience, all throughout the design phase and the construction phase. These architects have managed to transform our wishes and ideas into a well-considered, creative and beautiful design. We are happy with their help regarding the selection of the contractor and the material selection. They were detail-orientend while very conscious of our budget, listened to our input and came up with great solutions when needed. We’ve seen them work towards a beautiful end result and we all had a great time from start to end. We highly recommend this team of architects.”

Huijgen family

Guesthouse Owners


Vondelstraat apartment, Amsterdam

“We wanted our children to each have their own bedroom. That’s why we’ve asked here we are to come up with a new design for the floor where our bedrooms are located. We are an open-minded and close-knit family and it is remarkable how the architects have translated this into a design with such a pleasant atmosphere. An interior that allows for everyone to have their own space, but where we can still connect. When the doors are open during the day, it really feels like an open floor. We felt part of the process and are happy with this extraordinary interior.”

Ducros family

Apartment Owners



A well-designed building or interior allows for plenty of inspiration, connection, and development. It is the task of an architect to create an environment that inspires you and shows what you stand for.

We’ll even go one step further, by creating a spacial identity that shows and increases the added value of your work environment, store or hotel.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you. It’s why listen to the wishes and ideas that form the foundation of your vision for the future and ask essential questions to help you further define and develop the concept you have in mind.

Using our expertise, we transform your vision into a design that not only communicates your values and unique qualities but also strengthens your organization and adds value to your business.

Architectural design with character. That’s what we stand for. Here you are.

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Core values

As architects, our main focus lies with the unique qualities of the person or organization we create our design for. That is why we have defined six core values to guide us during our work.

1. Our focus lies with your unique personality

People are at the heart of all our designs. We design buildings and interiors that express the values and qualities of their owners, organizations or residents. That’s why we listen carefullyto your story and aren’t afraid to ask essential questions to ensure that together, we’ll arrive at the core of your idea.

2. We create architectural design with a return on investment

Contentment and increased revenue often go hand in hand. For us, a project is considered successful when our design not only suits your personality but also creates added value for your business. That is why we look for ways to present your products and services even better. 

3. We create contemporary architecture that honors historical aspects

We believe that the unique character of an existing building or environment can be of great value to the people who use it. That is why we always consider the best things a location has to offer in terms of historical, scenic, aesthetic and architectural aspects. We let ourselves be inspired by the most extraordinary elements and are committed to repurposing these elements in a meaningful and functional way. Combining the best of past and future creates an environment that both honors and adds value to historical aspects.

4. We pay attention to the way people move around in their environment

Paying attention to the unique character of an environment is the first thing we do. In addition, we observe to gain an understanding of the interaction between people and their surroundings, i.e., the way people move around in a specific location. With this information, we’ll design a working environment that strengthens the dynamics of an organization and inspires development. In other instances, it will allow us to create an identity that emphasizes the visual strength and appeal of a product or cultural object.

5. We stand for communicative design

All these aspects are taken into consideration when getting to the heart of the spacial narrative in which the individuality of the user and that of the building complement one another. By selecting contemporary techniques and high-quality materials based on their quality and visual eloquence, we bring this narrative to life and translate it into a contemporary architectural design with a vision of the future.

6. We believe in the power of collaboration

The success of each project is based on a specific combination of knowledge and experience. The best results are achieved when each party involved contributes their own knowledge, experience, and skill set in order to meet the specific requirements for completing a particular project. The input and involvement of our client are both valued and supplemented by our expertise and knowledge. Over the years, we have created a strong and diverse network of reliable professionals. By keeping an open mind and acknowledging each other’s expertise, we have completed a considerable number of large, international projects together.

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People are at the heart of all our designs. We design buildings and interiors that express the values and qualities of their owners, organizations or residents. That’s why we listen carefullyto your story and aren’t afraid to ask essential questions to ensure that together, we’ll arrive at the core of your idea

Arjan van der Bliek

Thanks to his years of experience working for leading architectural firms UNStudio and Mecanoo and a good eye for user-friendly design, Arjan van der Bliek manages to add aesthetic value to our projects. He gained his knowledge of retail, branding, and marketing in relation to architecture during his work for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mexx, and Nike. Over the past 18 years, Arjan has sat on all sides of the table and knows how to get a design team to achieve the best results. This project-driven architect works methodically, sets out a strategically healthy and creative path, understands and explores financial details of his projects. In doing so, he maintains his focus regarding the wishes and distinctive qualities of his clients.

In addition to his work as an architect, Arjan, as a photographer, manages to capture the beauty and complexity of architectural design. Find his work on

Arjan van der Bliek

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Dimitri Duchenne
Interior architect

Dimitri Duchenne is an interior architect and design manager who has not only designed for Dutch retailers and hospitality businesses but also worked for international brands such as Mexx, Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike.

The experience he built up over 20 years in the world of retail and hospitality, has undoubtedly contributed to his talent for coming up with creative solutions even under extreme pressure. Working on projects in (Eastern) Europe, Russia and the Middle East has added to his already comprehensive understanding of social and cultural relations.

In his spare time, Dimitri also loves to travel and discover other cultures.

Dimitri Duchenne

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Anna Niedbal

Prior to her time at here we are, Ania Niedbal worked for large companies and architectural firms such as UNStudio and OIII. During her work for Nike and her professional contribution to projects of architecture firm Sense Essence, she gained the necessary experience within the retail, hospitality and cultural sector.

This dedicated architect holds a strong affinity for urban planning and is known her precision and patience when working at different levels of detail. As member of here we are, Ania has proven to be a source of creativity and inspiration, and with her original views and ideas, she makes for a stimulating sounding board within the team.

In addition to her work as an architect, Ania represents our country as a talented ballroom dancer at the highest amateur level in the world of dance sports. When she is not working or dancing, she loves to travel and discover all corners of the world.

Anna Niedbal

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