…aren’t you just curious what was before/after renovation?!

With the series Change on ‘here we are blog’ we share the photos of our projects before/after renovation.

Change can be perceived as a challenge for some people, while for others it might sounds exciting. However, to be able to see the change we need to have a starting point. For every project such a starting point is the existing situation. In other words, to see the impact of the spacial change we need to compare the situation before/after renovation.

In many design and architecture magazines or on internet we see mostly the result only. Of course, it can influence us by a surprising solution, unique atmosphere, colors etc., but from the investor point of view aren’t you just curious what was in the beginning?! How the area looked like at the first place?

On the photos below, you can see the spaces as we got them in “our hands” and what become out of it.


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At here we are we aim to:

– be a very good listener and hear carefully the story / the dream our client has

– be conscious about the culture / language our client wants to communicate to the world

– we do advise and care about the budget and time planning, which after our working experience with world core brands we can say to have a very good expertise in the field

Please feel free to ask us questions or write your comments below. We are curious for your opinion.



Enjoy the photos of before/after renovation of a seemingly ordinary garage.

When we were asked to turn this garage into a guesthouse, it soon became clear that the roof construction is a very distinctive element and it should remain a key feature in our design.


We have also created a connection to the garden, designed to let in enough daylight and ensuring guests can enjoy the view while maintaining their privacy.


Despite the limited amount space, we have been able to design a pleasant studio, kitchen and bathroom included, for guests to enjoy their stay to the fullest.


If you wish to see full screen photos after renovation click here




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